Pow Wow Restaurant & Lizard Lounge

Enjoy a great dining experience and our 100% Certified Angus Beef entrees!

Grill & Broiler
Certified Angus Beef  Ribeye

Certified Angus Beef 
New York Strip

Certified Angus Beef 
New Mexico Steak
(New York Strip smothered in Green Chili & Jack Cheese)

Certified Angus Beef  Lizard Bone (T-bone)

Certified Angus Beef 
Road Kill
(Chopped Sirloin topped with Mushrooms & Onions)

Certified Angus Beef 
Chicken-fried Steak
(Tenderized, hand breaded and smothered in Cream Gravy

Oceans & Streams
Breaded Shrimp
(Fried butterfly breaded shrimp)

Shrimp Scampi
(Colossal shrimp scampi sauteed in our special blend of New Mexico seasonings)

(Trout grilled to your satisfaction)

Salmon Madrid
(Salmon topped with sauteed tomatoes, garlic and dill)

Mexican Dinners
(Marinated Certified Angus Beef  sirloin or chicken, beans, rice, sauteed vegetables, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and two six-inch flower tortillas)

(Three homemade red chili pork tamales, smothered in red or green chili sauce, with beans and rice)

Carne Adobada Plate
(Marinated pork in red chili, served with beans, rice and two six-inch flour tortillas)

Stuffed Sopaipilla
(Beef or chicken, with beans & cheese, stuffed in a sopaipilla, smothered in red or green chili sauce & rice)

The Famous Lizard of All!
(A half-pound Certified Angus Beef  cheddar burger, broiled to your satisfaction)

The Rasputia
(Flame-broiled chicken, jack cheese & green chili, served burger style with ranch dressing)

Jive Turkey
(Sliced turkey, cheese & tomato, on white, wheat or marbled rye)

Road Kill Dip
(Sliced Certified Angus Beef  roast beef & cheese, on a hoagie bun with au jus)

New Mexico Philly
(Sliced Certified Angus Beef  roast beef, cheese, diced green chili & onions on a hoagie bun)

That's just for starters! We've got lots more, appitizers to salads, drinks and more, so come on in and check us out!

Give us a call if we can help you with anything...

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